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Speed up muscle recovery and boost collagen with cryotherapy

Speed up muscle recovery and boost collagen with cryotherapy

We have decided that a serious rejuvenation is needed after our  Halloween shenanigans. So the next day UFG is checking in the North Pole aka CryoVigor to get our energy level back up and freeze our butts off. Because why not?!

To be more specific, we have choosen CryoVigor over other cryotherapy centers, because #1 – it offers whole body and localized treatments, #2 – is located in the heart of New York City (46th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan between Grand Central Station, Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center) and #3 – has excellent customer service.

Walking into the office, we were greeted by Kathy Butters the founder of CryoVigor. She is an expert in the field, very kind and inspirational lady boss who worked in an entertainment industry as a senior executive leader.

To find out more about her, watch a brief interview down below.


Before our cryosessions, we changed our clothes to white cozy robes, thick socks and winter gloves. To be honest with you, the cryosauna looks a bit like a spaceship with its blue lights on (and it was made in Poland, our Motherland!) We weren’t super scared about the cold (since we both grow up in freezing winter temperatures in Poland lol ). We were more trilled and electrified to try something new,  we have never tried before.

On the beginning of the session, you are elevated a bit while a thick white vapor pours out of the top of the cryosauna. You stay for a maximum of three minutes in deep freeze temperatures between -184 and -292 degrees Fahrenheit. It just sounds impossible. Trust us, we did survived 🙂 And yes, it was freaking cold.


Cryotherapy was invented in Japan as a way to treat rheumatoid arthritis and it’s been used in Europe to treat a variety of conditions from joint pain and even depression.

Fun Fact

Judy was smiling while shaking like a leaf lol. So brave of her! 😀

After we stepped out of the cryosauna, our legs felt pins and needles, but just on gently note. Judy decided to use a stationary bike to restore her circulation and warm up. I skipped that part. No needed.


Cryo- comes the Greek word “krous,” which means “icy,” “cold” or “frost.

Fun Fact

When we dressed back in our clothes, we both noticed that our skin was radiant and looking super pink-healthy. How convenient! We both have our spirits lifted up and felt very energized the whole day (endorphin release! Yes please!). I personally felt my muscles less sore from the yesterday intensive cardio workout. It did prove to me that cryo reduces inflammation and lactic acid build up 100%.

Cryo Benefits

With a series of cryotherapy sessions you can improve your overall health: get relief from chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, auto-immune diseases, fibromyalgia, post-surgery recovery, overall inflammation reduction, stress, anxiety, depression, and improve sleep. Whole body cryotherapy can help with inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Cryo Facial. Yes please!

Judy tried CryoFacial as well (note: does not involved any sticky masks or uncomfortable squeezing! 🙂 Adriano, a trained technician blowed freezing air in circles all over her face for eight minutes. Judy felt it was very cold and relaxing in the same time.

After 8 minutes of Cryofacial, Judy’s skin looked glowing and more rested. Kathy told us that the cold effects on the face tightens your pores while simultaneously reducing inflammation and puffiness. Make sense!

The main benefit of this kind of facial is that the cold removes the outer dead layer of skin cells and stimulates the new ones underneath them to grow in a more even, smooth distribution. We also learnt that cryofacial (and cryotherapy of course) stimulates collagen and this way it makes more sense then eating it with food for example.

Overall, we were both very satisfied with CryoVigor. Couldn’t believed how relaxed and rejuvenated our bodies felt after just one session. Kathy was very sweet! She made the whole experience enjoyable and fun.

Judy DeWolf of UFG with Kathy Butters the founder of CryoVigor


We couldn’t hesitate to ask Kathy some questions about cryotherapy. Check out our interview here.

So there you go! Do you wanna try CryoVigor and see if you brave enough? First time customers get 50% off their first session and it comes up to $40!  Leave your comment if you did try it!

Check their Social:

Instagram @CryoVigor Twitter @CryoVigor Facebook www.facebook.com/cryotherapynyc Website www.cryovigor.com Email info@cryovigor.com


It was super fun to make this video:

Photography by Basia Perkowski 🙂

Thanks for tuning in!




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