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Persistence – the unstoppable momentum

Many of us think that the conditions of our lives and what we were born into determine our future. However, each of us was born with ability to achieve any goal we set for ourselves.

Our decisions determine our destiny. There is no limit to what we can accomplish if we lead our lives with passion, conviction, and determination.   Persistence is what helps create the unstoppable momentum because it is not what we do sometimes that counts, but our consistent actions. 

Persistence is the most valuable resource in shaping our lives. It surpasses any talent and skill because one must be committed to achieve the goal not just be involved in it.

The human spirit is impossible to be overcome. 

Unsuccessful attempts may actually provide us with valuable lessons that will guide us to our future success.
We can succeed in anything if we believe that no obstacle or problem can keep us from attaining our goal. Obstacles are there to strengthen us and make it possible for us to get through the journey. 

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