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On Becoming an Influencer


If you have no skills or talents, show business is not the only place to make money. Digital industry can be a very lucrative business and definitely does not require you to be gifted in any way. 

If you are able to create online network of people who share the same values as you, you can keep making money from it for years to come. This is why digital industry is so great. 

You don’t need special skills or gifts to develop network. 

You can gain positive online influence just by displaying your values and reaching audience that shares them too. Another way is to establish yourself as an authority figure, but even for that you don’t need to be an expert, you just have to be one step ahead from the person looking for help. 

There is a famous saying that the richest people in the world build networks, everyone else is looking for work.

Having a network is very valuable commodity because those relationships that you create is what will get you where you wanna get in life.



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