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Interview with Dora Izquierdo, founder of DOIZPE handbags

Interview with Dora Izquierdo, founder of DOIZPE handbags

Our latest obsession is a new handbag line from DOIZPE called REENCARNACIÓN. Each of the handbags that I have seen have great detailing and texture. The use of shape and mix of camel, orange and wine color is very unique.

Dora Izquierdo, the founder and designer behind DOIZPE,  has been on the cutting edge of making quality leather goods. When creating REENCARNACIÓN line, she was inspired by “The story of a couple that met in 1840, reincarnated in the 80’s and nowadays communicate through telepathy.”

We sat down with Dora to ask her a few questions, we were so intrigued after seeing the line.


What’s on your moodboard now?
Birds, viking runes, fuchsia, blue, naked women, tattoos, poetry, self love, Simone De Beauvoir, Spain.
 – Dora, founder of Doizpe


Warm-up QA

1. What is the last dream you remember? Two days ago I dreamt that I was at the Conservatory of Laussane taking violin lessons and the pianist that I have a crush with and myself, would be wondering around an unknown small town, that had a mix between a European town and a Mexican town.

2. Describe yourself in five words or less. Dreamer, free spirit, easy going, nerd.

3. What’s on your moodboard now? Birds, viking runes, fuchsia, blue, naked women, tattoos, poetry, self love, Simone De Beauvoir, Spain.

4. Plain or pattern? Both.

5. Cats or dogs? Dogs 100%. However, I can do cats sometimes depending on the cat.

6. What’s the one thing you can’t live without? A bottle of water, a sketch book and a pencil, exercising, kiwi or pineapple, my contact lenses or glasses because I am a little blind and a green juice for more than a week.

7. What’s in your handbag right now? My wallet, my glasses case, hands cream, face cream, my bottle of water, car keys, house keys, winter gloves, my agenda and some make-up.

8. Who runs the world? Even though I consider myself a feminist who struggles sometimes to behave like one, due to the confusions that I get from the culture that I was raised on, I could answer “girls” to this question. However, I believe in equality for running the world in an equal form.

There is always going to be black and white, up and down, yin and yang, not necessarily referring that one is better  than the other one but we are both necessary, there couldn’t be a world without men and women reproduction, it is nature.

In addition to that, I am very glad of seeing a lot of women standing out and away from what society says that women need to do or how to behave, being the protagonist of their on stories, helping this world to be also run by women.


9. How long does it take you to decide what to wear? Jajaja sometimes days!! or even weeks, depends on the occasion and who I will be seen. I can spend a week thinking in different options for one specific piece, doing research about shapes, textures and colors and look at different stores without buying but just getting ideas. Sometimes that also includes my decisions for underwear too jaja.

10. If you could turn into anything what would it be and why? An astronaut or a national geographic journalist. I believe that astronauts are a very privilege people, who have access to see and experience, what the rest of the world won’t have access until, who knows how many years or decades. A national geographic journalist because I highly respect nature, love animals and experiencing new things and getting to understand other cultures and people.  

Judy DeWolf of UFG is wearing DOIZPE ROMANCE,1840 bag from REENCARNACIÓN collection.

Judy DeWolf of UFG is wearing DOIZPE ROMANCE,1840 bag from REENCARNACIÓN collection.

What is it about Mexico that inspires you? The colors, textures and vibes of the streets, the happiness of the people, our magical beliefs on the unknown and most importantly my family. – Dora, the founder of DOIZPE

Interview QA

  1. Tell us a bit about your background and how you got in to fashion.
    I studied Industrial Design because my parents didn’t want me to study Fashion Design, for which I am thankful. However, I always wanted to get involved in fashion.
    When I was 11 years old and I was playing with my some fabrics, showing my aunt how they could be worn, she told me that maybe I could become a designer and name my brand Doishpe. At that time I didn’t know exactly what a designer was but it sounded like fun for me, thinking that I could be able to keep playing with my imagination.

    Then when I was 15 years old, I started to get very curious about what was happening in fashion in Mexico City. So I would ask my Mom to come with me to the fashion weeks in Mexico City and I remember how I would love the whole concept.

    Then when I studying in Melbourne, Australia my sister asked me, to think about product that I would enjoy doing and there is when I choose accessories. The perfect mix between industrial and fashion design.
    Later on I moved to New York City and collaborated in the design area with different accessories designers, while I was also studying fashion. Years later, I moved to Florence, Italy to merge myself in the product development and manufacturing process of accessories.
    Nowadays, I am working in sales at Coach and as a jewellery designer at Swarovski, expanding also my capabilities as an accessories designer, while of course I work as well in Doizpe.
  2. Why did you decide to create your own brand and why specifically handbags?

    After graduating in Mexico City as an Industrial Designer, I realized there were not too many work options that would appeal to me, that could be also exciting. So, my sister told me about starting a business where I could design whatever I wanted to, so there is when I came out with the idea of doing accessories.

  3. ​How would you describe the aesthetic of your bags?
    They are clean, timeless,  geometrical accessories that are telling a story, based on a life philosophy and beliefs, that include music, art, poetry and conciseness of today’s world.
  4. What is it about Mexico that inspires you?

    The colors, textures and vibes of the streets, the happiness of the people, our magical beliefs on the unknown and most importantly my family.

  5. Do you have a favorite bag? What can you tell us about the story behind it?
    I have 2 favorites, one is Cepehus bag because is like the bag that brought me good luck and still does.
    The inspiration behind it is the not just the Cepheus constellation but the concept of real and fantasy about human origins also captured by Mayan hands.
    The other one is the Dior’s Saddle bag , designed by John Galliano. I believe this bag was crucial in my decisions as a designer. I truly love the interpretation of the satchel silloute on this bag and equestrian inspiration.
  6. What’s upcoming for DOZIPE in 2018?

    A new collection where we will see more live colours. A completely new wave of fresh energy, exciting collaborations and presence in more and new places as well.

Thank you so much!!!

Conveniently, you can now order her DOIZPE accessories through Amazon Prime  🛍🛒 @doizpe

Photos by Basia Perkowski.

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