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Gym TV Audio on your phone

Have you ever glimpsed at the the TV in your gym during your workout sets and you wished you could hear the audio thorough your personal headphones? We certainly have. Sometimes a breaking news story catches our eye, and lately there sure are lots of those, we try running up to an elliptical or treadmill disturbing our workout sets. Tunity app to the rescue!

Problem – muted TV

Solution – app that allows you to stream TV audio to your smartphone

There are already couple of apps available in the app store offering streaming TV audio directly to your phone. All you need is a pair of headphones and wifi.
We’ve decided to try first Tunity because it was the most promising and engaging app in the app store. Tunity is a free app (both iOS and Android) which also play a role. Being #1 on the list (via search term ‘hear tv app’) with over 2,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating definitely helped. Screenshots were useful, they sold us on its simplicity and clean user interface.
Using Facebook to log in made the Join experience effortless. We’ve opted in for push notifications and were taken straight to an easy 2-step tutorial about how to scan our first TV channel.
Excitedly, we tried with the nearest TV on elliptical and it was a smooth process. When scanning, the app interface is really easy and intuitive.
On the phone screen you will see a rectangular border simply point your phone at the TV and match the TV screen with the border, press scan and watch the progress bar. Few seconds later you can hear perfectly crisp audio. It’s THAT EASY!
We like that Tunity gives us a freedom to watch a muted TV and hear the audio on your own. In case audio’s speed is a bit off, there are tools on the same screen to adjust it.
Although you should be focusing on your workout, but who are we to judge, another great bonus is that Tunity allows you to keep listening while checking your social media, taking photos, answering SMS. If you wish to take a video or a snap, just use the mute button before so you don’t have to rescan the channel again Even though we typically go for our Urban Fit Girl SoundCloud playlist, it’s nice to have an option for other audio entertainment.
We’ve actually started using the app outside of the gym as well. When one of us was traveling for work, it was a huge convenience to tune into a football game commentary and zone out while waiting for our delayed flight.
Tunity is truly revolutionary and we highly recommend checking it out.
Download it and let us know how it works out for you!

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