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Get Fit Prison Style

Coss Marte had media like The New York Times, Men’s Health,
New York Post, NBC, and CBS talking about his prison- style
bootcamp called ConBody. So we decided to check out for
ourselves what the fuss was all about.
Coss used to run a multi- million dollar NYC drug empire so we
know each other from back in a day. Just kidding… After doing
his sentence he decided to crate a cell- style workout based on
what he was able to do in his 9’x 6 prison cell. He combined fun,
cardiovascular, aerobic, and running exercises that don’t require
any equipment. He hired formerly incarcerated individuals to
give them not only a fresh start but the opportunity to give back
and reconnect with the community. He wanted to break the
stereotypes, empower, and make everyone realize that success
and change comes from within.

Check out this video

Made by Thomas Vanz

quote of the day

ConBody Bootcamp is a KILLER work out!
I almost DIED. The EXECUTION of it makes you almost BREAK
OUT in tears. But its addictive like a DRUG. Each class is a
complete CELL- OUT too!

“Our real message is about prison reform. We hire formally incarcerated individuals to teach fitness classes.  Our mission is to bridge a gap between two communities: young professionals and formerly incarcerated individuals.”

A lot of MEMBERS. A great GANG of loving people.
Anyway… I’m done with all the puns right after
this SENTENCE. Thanx for reading … you guys are a very
CAPTIVE audience.

Haven’t tried Conbody yet? Check their studio schedule for next upcoming workouts. If you are not NYC based and not planning to visit it soon, you can try CONBODY online classes. Brilliant idea!

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