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Food Pairing For Effective Digestion

Do you wake up tired in the morning, even after 8 hours of sleep? While you are sleeping, your body is working overtime to digest the foods that you incompatibly paired.

Lack of oxygen means loss of energy.
The time it takes to absorb them can be as much as fourteen hours. 
Sometimes digestion can take more energy than any other process in the body. Indigestion creates excess acid which causes the blood to thicken. Thick blood moves slowly through the system, robbing the body of oxygen.
Metabolism is impaired when you consume destructive combinations like:
  • meat and potatoes
  • bread and cheese 
  • milk and cereal
  • fish and rice
Different types of foods require different types of digestive juices. 
Starchy foods ( rice, bread and potatoes) require an alkaline medium. Protein foods ( meat , fish, dairy, nuts, seeds) require an acid medium for digestion.

Two contrary mediums can’t work at the same time. They neutralize each other so metabolism is slowed down.

Drinking fluids at meals or immediately following them also impede the process.
By learning the basic of compatible food pairing you can speed up your metabolism and preserve energy. The rules are simple and the reward massive.




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