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Headphones to Soundtrack your Workout Routine

Headphones to Soundtrack your Workout Routine

According to the research, the average person dedicates 1/4 of their day to
listening to the music. That means you spend 60 days listening to music per
year! Anyone who has ever listened to music at the gym during their sweat session
like us knows that finding the right pair of workout headphones can be tougher than shopping for jeans. Why? Because they must be comfortable, must be easy to set up, must not procreate sweat, must be pretty (or at least, not ugly), must not weight a ton, and must (okay, hopefully) not cost a fortune. AND usually if you like one thing in the new headphones, you have to give up on second thing, for instance, “the sound is great, but they don’t look good/they are heavy/no t comfortable/not sweat-resistant etc.


We have decided to use 4 criteria for headphones that we care about the
most. If you are fitness fashion freak and tech geek like us, you might find
this list applying to you as well. Here are things we care the most.
For UFG , headphones must be:
  • workout friendly and wireless
  • comfortable and has an unshakeable fit
  • bass enhanced to help drive you through a hard session, basically help you stay motivated
  • fashionable, modern look that is effortless and fun to style (preferably instaready too 🙂
Specter Wireless Audio were designed by audiophiles, tech geeks, & fitness freaks and we couldn’t resist to test them for you.


Fitness fashion
able, sweat-resistant, workout
-friendly headphones with
great sound quality. Period. These are UFG favorite.

Things we like:

They stay on your head. (we tested it)

They don’t heat up too much.(no need to slip them off to cool off.)
Super sleek and minimal square design.(must accessory for fitness fashion geeks)
They can answer the phone or select the song.(hands free ofcourse)

Learn more about Elux

EFIX: Cool Earplugs to go
Things we like:
  • great battery life: up to 10hrs of bass blasting music
  • weather resistant: running or your workout doesn’t pause for a rainy day. (NYC weather is a must)
  • dynamic, enhanced audio: using powered by Qualcomm’s patented aptX technology
  • magnetic switch: EFIX will automagically connect to your device and play music so no need of turning on and off by holding the power button for the exact amount of time.
  • noise suppression
  • great wireless connection: up to 33ft

Learn more about EFIX

Elux Headphones - UFG APPROVED

Elux Headphones - UFG APPROVED



AQSTIX: Waterproof outdoor speaker

Things we like:
  • truly waterproof: up to 3 feet submerged underwater
  • impressive battery: with 40 hours offered on a single charge
  • great wireless connection: up to 50 ft
  • ultra durable rubber compression sealed shell allowing for drops and bumps (yes, because these accidents are happen very often so you can take it just about anywhere without worrying.)

Thanks for reading!


model & styling:
Judy DeWolf
Basia Perkowski


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