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The Story Of How 305 Fitness Turned Gym Into A Club

The Story Of How 305 Fitness Turned Gym Into A Club

When thinking of reasons why people go out to clubs, we often mention rationale like: desire to meet new people, wish to blow off some steam, hope to hear good music, or just need to feel sexy.

Right now, you can satisfy those needs without having to consume alcohol or getting home late at night. People in New York love to go out but they also know the importance of time, money, and productivity. For that reason 305 Fitness has created a perfect work out that mimics the nigh out in the city without the side effects like hangover or spending your rent money on overpriced drinks.

305 Fitness designed a dance cardio class to fit your needs.
Each class incorporates hot dance moves, explosive exercises, strength work out, and high intensity interval training. It is a perfect full body conditioning.

This class, however, is so much more than just a work out. Featuring a live DJ, the best instructors in NYC, and light effects, it can make you feel like you are a cheerleader on a national team or a dancer in some rap video. The fact that this work out makes you feel really sexy and makes your imagination run wild is what separates it from other classes.

So there you are! Dancing and high intensity training in a club setting!
Nothing is going to make you feel sexier than seeing progress after giving all you got. Watching your body shape up the way you always wanted will make you happier than any number of drinks at the club.

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