Urban Fit Girl fitness fashion blog combines style, latest trends in fitness, fashion and tech, positive thinking, power of mind, passion for living a healthy lifestyle and everything in between. Created and crafted in the Big Apple. Urban Fit Girl is a great collaboration between two close friends and like-minded ladies Judy DeWolf and Basia Perkowski, who share a passion for fitness and fashion. Their passion is healthy living, setting goals and smashing them, always evolving, jumping on opportunities and dreaming big.

We believe empowered women empower women. We believe in a collaboration, not a competition.

We might have similar interests and passions but everyone is on a different quest with different goal in mind. There is enough for everyone. 👯
You will achieve your goal much faster but working together and collaborating with each other. And if you feel that you are more experienced or successful than the other person, remember that by helping someone you will get back twofold.


Judy DeWolf is the Co-Founder and President of Urban Fit Girl. She is the face and blogger for this project. Judy DeWolf is a fitness model based in New York City and a national level NPC bikini athlete. Her “love and hate” relationship with bodybuilding industry pushed her to wards more balanced lifestyle of fitness. Judy is a promoter of healthy living, offering her knowledge about exercise and nutrition she acquired through weight lifting training and preparation for bodybuilding competitions. She has also a medical background in fixing muscular imbalance to promote better posture, enhance athletic performance and prevent sports injuries. www.judydewolf.com


Basia Perkowski is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Urban Fit Girl. She is the mastermind behind the scenes of UFG. Basia is visual and user experience (UI/UX) senior designer and photographer living and working in NYC. Basia helps companies and organizations design better digital products. She has worked with both small startups and large corporations across many different industries. Basia is a tech geek,  fascinated by technology and the role it plays in bridging people together. She loves creating functional and beautiful products in the same time. Music general boosts her creativity and with designing it seems for her a natural pairing. Recently she is into Deep House yoga and rope jumping.